I’ve been in private practice since 1989. Having experience in both mind and body oriented therapies, I initially developed an approach that combined counselling with hands-on energy healing (Reiki, chakra balancing).

I also provide online healing and counselling sessions. I am able to tune into your energy at a distance since our energy body / consciousness is not limited by distance or time. The process I engage in with you is interactive. In addition to me doing the energy healing, I also instruct you on how to place your hands on your chakras. It is a great opportunity for you to tune into your own subtle energy and learn how to manage it skillfully. I strive to create an accepting environment that encourages a relaxed and open dialog.

I have studied the Tarot for many years and provide Counselling with Tarot. In addition, I teach Intuition Training courses.

I keep abreast of new developments in energy therapy and psychology as well as continue with my own personal growth, striving always to provide the best quality therapy for my clients.


  • Toronto Institute of Human Relations, psychotherapy (‘90-93) (now www.tirp.ca)
  • Mind-body therapy, psychodrama, Magraw Method  (‘93-96)


  • Bachelor of Science, biology, McGill University 1974
  • Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy, professional 2200 hour course(‘87-89)

Additional training

  •   Two-year apprenticeship in energy healing including Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, energy psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  •   Intuitive development group for seven years with well-known Toronto psychic consultant, Vincent Vanlimbeek, (Toronto Life Jan ’97). (also see my article: Developing Intuition)
  •   I have been a student of various meditation and spiritual traditions for the past thirty years, including Buddhist, Yoga, Gurdjieff and Native spiritual teachings.

Work history

After graduating from university, I worked in medical research, in particular, cancer research for seven years and then became a technical sales representative for a scientific equipment company for five years before entering the healing arts. This has given me a good understanding of workplace stresses.