Louise Gabrielle Lake

Intuitive Healing Practitioner, Therapist

Empowering you to live your potential

Hello and welcome. I am a therapist and healing practitioner with 32 years experience in private practice.

Be Healthy

Counselling with Energy Healing

The therapy I offer combines counselling with energy healing. I have found this to be a highly effective approach for helping people achieve positive, lasting change as easily and quickly as possible.

Therapy Sessions through


In-person healing and counselling sessions in

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

My Service

Things I help people with

Anxiety Management

Address feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. Learn coping strategies to navigate challenging situations.

Intentional Living Coaching

Overcome tendencies to act opposite to your intentions. Cultivate habits that align with your goals.

Emotional Well-being Support

Manage and alleviate feelings of anger, depression, or loneliness. Develop strategies for emotional balance and resilience.

Life Coaching for Progress

Break free from feeling stuck in your personal or professional life. Set and achieve meaningful goals for personal growth.

Stress-Relief Techniques

Address physical symptoms like pain, tension headaches, and nervous stomach. Learn stress-relief practices for a healthier lifestyle.

Clarity and Purpose Sessions

Explore and define your life's purpose. Gain clarity on your values and direction for a more fulfilling life.

I strive to create a warm, accepting atmosphere where you can feel free to be completely yourself. And doing online therapy helps you feel more comfortable since you are in your own familiar surroundings.

The process is a gentle and interactive one. It appears to be quite simple yet is surprisingly effective.

Louise Gabrielle Lake

intuitive healing practitioner, therapist

I’ve been in private practice since 1989. Having experience in both mind and body oriented therapies, I initially developed an approach that combined counselling with hands-on energy healing (Reiki, chakra balancing). (Since covid, online therapy has rapidly grown in popularity. It is safe, easy to access and has been shown to be just as effective as in person therapy.)


I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions about my services, whether counselling or healing, and how I might help you.

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